Jamie Allen (Editor) –  Jamie is a 27-year-old, born and bred Bradfordian and avid Bantams supporter.  He studied History at the University of Huddersfield and graduated in 2011.  He has since forges a career at a global publishing house with roles across Editorial, Publishing, Product and User Experience.

Jamie set up The Playmaker in August 2012 as an outlet for his football musings and for those of other, passionate writers. He has also written for other football websites including In Bed With Maradona, these Football Times, The Football Pink and more.
Jamie has plenty of editorial experience from his day and would be more than happy to offer any advice or tips to prospective writers and those interested in contributing to the Playmaker.
Get in touch via on Twitter @plymkrprss or email

David Hartrick – David was the Playmaker’s first guest contributor.  He is a Co-Editor of the illustrious In bed With Maradona and author of 50 Teams That Mattered.  Follow David on Twitter @DavidHartrick.

Jack Curtis Denton – Jack was born in Huddersfield where he also graduated with a history degree. He met fellow Playmaker writer Jamie through university and began to contribute his own work and input into the site in 2013. His long term aim is to continue to write and eventually become a successful journalist.  You can find Jack on Twitter and Instagram at @JD3NTON and also on his film blog at

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