We are always looking to include guest articles on the Playmaker.  Quality over quantity is the key for us and any articles we feature will be  original, informative and interesting, whilst avoiding things like match reports which are readily available on the majority of mainstream sites.

If you have a finished piece or just an idea for an article then we are happy to discuss it with you. We have no specific guidelines on what you should write about but we do ask that any articles are over 500 words.

If you think you have an interesting story to tell or would just like to voice your opinions on the website then please do feel free to drop us an email playmakerpress@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

The editor, Jamie has 5 years worth of Editorial experience within the academic publishing industry and would be happy to offer any advice and tips to aspiring writers.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Zinedine Zidane

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