A boot review: Adidas 11Nova

Posted on February 13, 2015


Adidas launched the next generation of the Adipure 11pro boot range at the back-end of 2014. The launch heralded the return of the traditional, Kangaroo Leather upper and a new styling to rival the Nike Tiempo Legend. Adidas say that the third generation 11pro offers “the most comfortable and premium fit to date” and the new colour and styling appeals to the more traditionalist players.

I’ve been wearing the 11Nova, firm ground variant of the boot for two/three months now after purchasing a pair in December last year following the official launch of the new range in November. Here is a short review after two months of solid wear on 3G AstroTurf.


The third generation caught my eye straight away; Adidas have maintained the traditional black and white colouring with a small splash of extra colour on show in an orange stripe which spans the centre line of the boot. Being somewhat of a traditionalist this very much appealed to my tastes.

The orange stripe adds just enough colour so that it stands out from the crowd whilst maintaining a certain uniqueness and a modern classic style that differentiates it from the Copa Mundial, Nike Tiempo Legend or Nike Premier.

Rating: 5/5


The 11Nova maintains a snug fit from the first wear on-wards and adds to the overall stability of the boot during play. It’s more suited to those players with narrow feet like myself and the boot provides support to the heel and ball of the foot without any slack or slippage around the inside and outside of the foot.

The return of the kangaroo leather upper has been welcomed by many prominent boot reviewers and although I haven’t experienced the difference between the second and third generations, I definitely noticed a softness and sensitive feel when controlling, passing and shooting the ball.

After two months of wear I can safely say that I was blister free from day one and the boot has maintained the same level of support after the break-in period.

Rating: 5/5


The comfort of the boot has a very positive bearing on the overall performance. It gives the wearer the support needed to run at full speed without hindrance and the traction in the studs to stop and turn sharply if needs be. The new support skeleton clearly has the desired effect on stability and the sole supports the shape of the individual player’s foot allowing for the most effective performance.

When it comes to kicking the ball, the softness of the leather gives the wearer a natural feel for the ball, allowing for more accurate control, passing and shooting in-game. It performs particularly well when playing the ball with the laces, however, I found it a little more difficult to curl the ball as I wanted to. In my opinion, that’s the only really downside in performance although it isn’t that much of an issue once you get used to the boot.

Rating: 4/5

1 - Adidas 11Nova


Although, I’ve only worn the boots for two months now I am pretty confident they will last, at the very least until the end of the year. A problem I’ve had with many previous boots is that the sole often begins to separate from the upper leather relatively quickly, especially with constant use on 3G AstroTurf. This usually begins at the front of the toe area before making its way gradually around the inside of the boot. However, no such problems have occurred with the 11Nova so far.

Since we’re still in the midst of winter weather, I haven’t had the chance to wear them on natural grass pitches as yet. I think that could prove a stern test for the 11Nova through the summer months and a full pre-season where mud becomes concrete!

Rating: 3/5


The top-of-the-range 11Pro costs a hefty £130 if purchased direct from Adidas, which an incredibly large sum for any amateur player to pay for a pair of boots. However, the mid-range 11Nova’s are more affordable and cost me £55 from Kitbag.co.uk on the official release day.

You can now get a pair for £47 from Pro-Direct Soccer which is a price that I think gives you good value for money in the modern market. I’d be loathed to spend anymore than £60 on a pair of new boots, as in my experience they will only last for one full season regardless of brand name.

Rating: 3/5

Final verdict

Overall, the 11Nova offers a great level of comfort and performance whilst maintaining the look of a modern classic. The durability rating has suffered slightly but only because it’s still early days for my pair. I think there is better value for money out there in the market but the price is likely to drop quite quickly come the end of the season.  I would highly recommend the 11Nova to any player looking for a simple, comfortable boot that performs well at a competitive level.

Overall rating: 4/5

By Jamie Allen

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